Children Are Creators,We Believe They Should Be Schooled And Mentored As Such

We foster creativity and develop empathy among Nigerian children and schoolchildren around Africa through creative arts, enabling young people to effectively navigate a complex world to build prosperity, peace, and preservation.

What We Offer

BAF Voice Mission and Vision Statements are built around six core values. These values provide us with a solid groundwork for creating the best afterschool and out-of-school program for children

Positive Child Development

Children learn best in environments that build their competence, confidence, character, connection, and contributions to the community

Creative Entertainment Talent Discovery

Article 27 and 31 of the United Nations Convention of the right of the child, states that children should be given the opportunity to express themselves and develop their creative mind


We will be successful only when children, parents, schools, organizations and government are committed and work together to achieve long-term results.


We are committed to upholding quality elements of practice in programming that promote positive child and youth development

Education Scholarship

BAF Voice is committed to utilizing data for monitoring the quality, access, and impact of the after school program on children that will drive educational scholarship


Our mentorship program is committed to community awareness, social agency, and fostering a network of role models for the endeavors of children and youth that promote social change amongst its diverse participants.

Recent Works

Enhancing afterschool and out-of-school learning opportunities

Using BAF Voice to build future talent and Entrepreneur

Our sole objective is discovering, developing and promoting hidden Talents/Skills in children and the youth of Nigeria and Africa through a mentoring, talent / education funding scheme.

Talent Discovery and Management

We believe that all talented young people should have the opportunity to fulfill their potential, whatever their background. So we discover talents and skills from children in schools or out of school. This program is designed to be one of the best after school program in the country.

Career Mentorship for Children

Our highly-regarded career and educational training program for children and teens. Kids 13 and up learn what it takes to enter the world of work by running e.g their own food service business during holidays while also helping to monitor their educational performance in school.

Education Scholarship

Sponsoring a child’s dream of going to school or Remaining in school through a gift from the BAF Voice Scholarship Fund. In a community where public schools tuitions are 57% higher than the state average, even a small scholarship can make a huge difference in the life of a child.

About Us

Having observed the current rise in the number of talent hunt shows cross the country and Africa, there is a corresponding rise in the interest of Nigerian youths in becoming entertainment stars, there has also been a rising trend in youths across the nation who drop out of schools with the aim of pursuing a career in the creative industry (music/acting/dancing etc.) and, this, we believe is a misnomer as education should not be compromised. At the same time their creative skills should also not be pushed aside or let to suffer. So where do we strike the balance? BAF Voice is not just another talent hunt show. An After school program for children aged 8-19 years old where we aim to encourage continued education by keeping children in schools while harnessing and growing their creative talents/skills through mentorship. We are endorsed by the Nigerian Institute of Career Coaching and Mentorship, and we have also partnered with Nigeria's foremost Business school for kids, Teen Tycoons. And broadcast live on Satellite across Nigeria and Africa by Emerald Tv In the spirit of financial literacy and money management, each of the projected 7200 participants in every city, will be encouraged to open a bank account with an accredited Nigerian bank in their name. At BAF Voice, we believe education meets talent.

Who we are looking for

Children that Can Sing, Act or Dance.8 to 19 years old and are In School or Out of School

Get Trained and Mentored

Teen Star Nigeria Mentoring is our highly-regarded career and educational training program for children and youth. Teens that are 13 and up learn what it takes to enter the world of work by running e.g their own product or service business during holidays while also helping to monitor their educational performance in school for a possible scholarship award.

Meet The Team

BAF Concepts is a progressive Concept Innovation expert, Strategist Event Management and Promotion Organization.Brand Owners of BAF Voice. With over 25 years+ combined working experiences of BAF Concepts founders and directors, which have always been tailored toward concepts development, project management. working with kids and youth, families of all class and faith believes, entertainment industries, as well as mentoring young talents, promoting many of them to become productive members of our society

Brighton O. Chris

A Teen mentor,Radio host , Certified service professional and a Business owner. A working experience of more than 15 year cutting across oil and gas, telecommunications,project management and multi international Level marketing..Read more /jointhemovement/our-team

Grace Eye

A Petroleum Engineer by profession, a Radio host, Trained Film maker and Scripts Writer,an allummi of Convenant University Ota. She is well travelled and knowlageable about youth empowerment, that is why she was involved in the outreach program with GHIEF (Global Hope Integrated Empowerment Foundation)Read more. /jointhemovement/our-team

Frank Osas

A talent hunt expert and a child star singer in Nigeria. A graduate of University of Benin. His experienced in working with bands, a session musicians, and a studio engineer. His Management duties involve booking compatible background vocalists and/or session musicians, coordinating studio time and hiring sound engineers to mix and master final recordings.

Somto Okey Amechi

BEN TELEVISION LONDON January 2014 – Present (2 years 11 months)-TV Content development ITV NIGERIA (3 years 1 month)Abuja - Nigeria BBC WORLD SERVICE TRUST May 2007 – July 2007 (3 months)-Production Attache


"Where Education Meets Talent"